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Measuring what matters to co-operatives and mutuals


As values-based businesses, the greatest challenge for co-operatives and mutuals (CMEs) is to let our values shine. That’s why the BCCM teamed up with researchers at Monash University, our members and the co-operative and mutual enterprise sector, to find a new way of measuring our positive impact on our members, our customers, the community and the economy – the Mutual Value Measurement (MVM).

The Mutual Value Measurement Framework helps CMEs to measure their total value creation (mutual value) through a set of common dimensions and shared language about measuring and reporting mutual value.

The MVM Framework can be used by CMEs across different industries, of different sizes, and with different capabilities. The Framework has been field-tested through research by Monash University’s Business School and is available with an implementation guide and templates that will allow interested CMEs to assess and plan the full adoption of the Framework.

Measuring value

The MVM Framework helps co-operatives and mutuals (CMEs) to measure their total value creation through a set of common dimensions and shared language about measuring and reporting mutual value.


By deploying the tool and incorporating MVM into your business, the focus on the mutual value you create can bring direct business and commercial benefits. Discover what MVM can help you towards.


BCCM can help your firm to apply this methodology in order to help you use your mutuality to thrive as a business.

MVM Accreditation

MVM Accreditation Program for MVM. CMEs that adopt MVM can apply to BCCM to become an Accredited MVM user.


BCCM and Monash University worked with these Industry Partners, Field Study Partners and Research Partners when developing the MVM Framework.

"In the mutual world, the way we create value is not always a number but often an experience. The Mutual Value Measurement framework has provided our mutual with a process to systematically and succinctly capture and report both numbers and experiences to evidence where the value is provided to our members each year. This process has influenced our strategic plan and refined the way we communicate the benefits of the mutual for existing and prospective members.

The outcomes of the measures have had a positive impact on our thinking and what can we do to further foster and create value through member services, enhanced and easy participation, tailored training and coverage in an open and transparent way. Our members are surveyed on these values and can tell us what’s most important and valuable to them which in turn helps us strategically create and deliver what they need.

This framework is a great initiative for our industry and a useful and practical tool specifically designed for the mutual and co-operative business model."

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams

Finance Manager | CivicRisk Mutual
(May 2021)

Achieve MVM accreditation for your co-operative or mutual

The Mutual Value Measurement (MVM) framework has been specifically developed to assist co-ops and mutuals to consistently measure and report their positive impact on members, customers, the economy, and their communities. The framework has been rigorously field-tested and comprises a robust methodology that can be utilised by CMEs of different sizes and capabilities across various industries.

 CMEs practicing MVM can apply to have their framework Accredited. Accreditation signifies to members and the community that a co-operative or mutual has successfully applied the MVM framework in accordance with its intended design.